VirtualLab Fusion Applications, Technology & Workflows • Presenting VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1

Here we are again, releasing a new version of the fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion, packed with lots of new tools and interesting features!Many of the features that are introduced in this version help set the stage for a host of new thrilling applications. Moreover, the simulation of complex systems in VirtualLab Fusion is now faster, more user-friendly, and more straightforward. In this webinar, we will be taking a look together at a round-up of some key scenarios where the exciting potential of this version is best showcased. These are some of the topics you can expect to see covered in the webinar:

  • Fibers: an array of new features - calculators, sources, detectors - for optical systems with fibers
  • Anisotropic media/crystals: a new field solver for anisotropic media for plates and coating layers
  • Microlens arrays: improved technology to make the simulation of MLA systems easier to handle and more efficient


25 August 2021
10:00 - 11:00 (CEST)
18:00 - 19:00 (CEST)
Please note: Due to different time zones worldwide, this webinar will take place twice.


Olga Baladron-Zorita (Senior Optical Engineer) is employed as a Senior Optical Engineer at LightTrans International. Among other tasks, she conducts webinars and training courses based on VirtualLab Fusion.

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