Baltic Photonics ’22 - Advances in Laser Micromachining

Laser cluster TOOLAS is delighted to organize our third annual Baltic Photonics conference. This year's Baltic Photonics Conference is dedicated to Laser Micromachining and its applications as a cross-sectoral B2B event. The Baltic Photonics Conference is a platform that has brought together photonics experts and leaders from around the world to discuss various developments, applications, and challenges in the world of laser micromachining, photonics, and cutting-edge laser technology. Representatives of cross-sectorial industries are welcome to join the conference to share their products, ideas, and look for potential partners as well as discussing key challenges and needs.

This year's conference will be taking place on September 21st-23rd in Vilnius, Lithuania and will consist of 3 main parts:

  • Conference (21-22th of September)
  • B2B events (short meeting sessions, long coffee breaks, evening events) (21-22th of September)
  • Field visits to companies located in Vilnius (21 and 23th of September)

Our event focuses on laser micromachining technology with an emphasis on it's applications in semiconductors, additive manufacturing and security & defense sector with the aim of facilitating innovation, moderated discussion, and collaboration in order to encourage participants to request new project partners. This is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, and present our latest achievements and ventures to potential end-users and partners. We aim to stimulate cross-sectoral cooperation around the globe.

You are welcome to conduct a 10 min presentation, and to have B2B meetings with other participants in short session. Participants will also be visiting companies' offices in Vilnius as part of the agenda.

Our purpose is to catalyze and facilitate fierce collaboration and technological development, as well as boosting technological and commercial advancement for the Baltic region & around the world.

Companies and institutions are invited to present latest developments, products and services in order to find project partners, customers or suppliers. During extended coffee breaks, lunches, company visits and B2B networking events, there will be many engaging opportunities for networking.

The objective of BP 2022 is to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of innovators regarding our industry from all corners of the globe to encompass the current state of the industry, and of course share cutting-edge ideas in the fields of lasers, optics, and photonics. We aim to synthesize social and technical discussion between these communities to produce new and creative outcomes & solutions.

The Baltic Photonics Conference aims to clear the way for further globalization of high-quality research in general, making conversations and presentations more internationally competitive and focusing attention on recent remarkable discoveries in the field.

Keywords of the conference:
Photonics, laser micromachining, optics, security & defense

Suggested topics of the conference:

● Laser micromachining

● Laser additive manufacturing

● Laser sources and systems

● Optics (Laser processing, Optical systems, Artificial Intelligence for Optronics)

● Experience of successful partnerships

● Imaging & Systems

● Laser Sensor & Systems

● Security & Defense Applications & Technologies

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The event also takes place within the scope of Photonics4Industry (P4I).

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21.09.2022 - 23.09.2022

Vilnius, Lithuania

Visoriai Information Technology Park, Mokslininkų str. 2A, LT-08412, Vilnius, Lithuania